Help the


find himself up to the last bone and become a human again!


In Just Bones, you play the role of a skeleton who wants to become human again. You used to be a powerful mage until one of your dangerous experiments failed and caused an explosion that destroyed your body to pieces. The only part of your body that remains intact is your skull.


The explosion threw you far away from your home. Luckily, you still can move and think!


The goal is to collect bones and useful tools in order to make your way back home and restore your body back to its original appearance - but beware of dangers and puzzles that lie in your way!


-Just Bones is а 2D platform with fast-paced gameplay

-The path is set across many levels in caves, mountains and swamps

-Collect body parts and tools to receive special abilities

-Be careful: after every time you fall, you will have to re-assemble yourself from scratch

-Levels hide many secrets: search them to find bonus items


Are you ready to start your journey?