A Multiplayer Pirate Game – Yohoho Io

Exodragon Games is a company which has developed Yohoho, a multiplayer.io-game. This browser game lets you play as a pirate to control the islands. You can eliminate other pirates, collect gold, and grow in size.You can use a dashing ability to increase your pirate speed. You can collect gold coins as you move and avoid the danger zone. You will be taken to the graveyard if you fall into it. Are you ready to become the most fearsome pirate?

Yohoho io, another.io game where you will be competing against other players on the server, is another. You will control a pirate and must kill as many enemies as possible. You just need to correctly use a sword to kill your enemies. You can also collect coins which will help you grow stronger and bigger. You can also play in a battle royale mode, where your goal is to be the last person alive. New features can be unlocked